RBC Helps Dustin Johnson Stay the Course

Dustin Johnson’s success starts at home

For most of us, the idea of teeing off with more than a few people watching is a terrifying prospect. It can make the pulse quicken and the sweat start to bead. Add the pressure of TV cameras, spectators packed along the course, and a major title on the line, and it’s easy to imagine the pressure overwhelming even a pro golfer.

Dustin Johnson has been there, and tasted both failure and success. These days it’s more of the latter, as the South Carolinian builds on more than one year as the world’s top-ranked men’s golfer.

But along with tour wins, Johnson defines his success closer to home, where family is his foundation and source of his confidence. 

“Personally, my greatest triumphs in golf have occurred once I began truly succeeding in life,”  he said.

He became a father in 2015, and a year later had a breakthrough victory at the U.S. Open, his first major win.

“Paulina and my boys are the most important thing in the world to me.  Having them in my life has definitely propelled my success and given me a healthy balance and perspective that comes with being a father.”

As a brand ambassador for RBC, he joins an organization that will propel him to further success on and off the course. RBC will provide support and sound advice as his finances grow more complex, leaving him to focus on his golf game.

“Ideally, the brand relationships you establish reflect who you are and what you believe and are consistent with the image you hope to portray,” he said.  “I have been very fortunate to partner with some great companies who check all those boxes, none more so than RBC.”

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